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The era of low-margin, high-volume sales and mass consumption is coming to an end. We need opportunities to reconsider how we deal with things.

After finishing its role as a kimono, it is reused and becomes even smaller,

A Japanese book that is no longer read, a sumo wrestling ranking table that has been replaced, and a wrapping paper of memories.

There must be more way to use even small things.

Reconstructed and collaged "Use good things for a long time"

A bag made by ID is only one of this world.


Thank you.




ID 〈コンセプト〉















Profile of Designer, Chikage Izumi

Chikage Izumi is not only a designer but also crafts-woman.

She is an art director, and has a license of dressing KIMONO.

Chikage Izumi design office owner.

After graduated Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design,

She worked on window display design, Advertisements, and catalogs for a well-known Japanese department store, as well as product development direction and design for a stationary manufacturer.

Her credo is " Make what doesn't exist."


泉 千景 プロフィール



武蔵野美術短期大学 卒業



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How to make Ikkan-bari bag.


1, The base basket is disinfected and straightened with hot water. Make a line on the Japanese paper和紙 for underlayment, trace it with brush soaked in water, and then cut it by hand along the line.


2. Glue the paper down to the base basket.

The Base basket and Japanese paper和紙 are coated with several types of glue, and then pasted while removing the air with brush.


 3.Finally put Japanese paper和紙 on the face of the basket.

when using fabric, smooth the texture of the fabric and paste thin Japanese paper和紙 on the back to prevent fraying.

Use an iron to make it taut stick it on.


 4.Tack the bottom of the basket.


 5. paste Japanese paper和紙 or cloth on the inside of the basket, and attach eyelet metal fittings after drying it.


6.After undercoating the surface with a liquid mixture of alum and animal glue, the surface is coated.

Repeat the process of applying the coating liquid and drying it 6 to 7 times. Repeat more for crepe fabrics and other fabrics that absorb a lot.


 7. Finish after all works!

Left : 2 times coated.

Right : 6 times coated.