Hand Craft Therapy

When your heart is filled with sadness, when you are troubled, take a needle and thread with you. Even if it is poorly done, when you embroider a flower with a color and express a landscape in your mind with stitches, you will surely feel lighter if you concentrate on something. Let's enjoy handcraft together.

I had bought some old cotton printed fabrics at an antique shop in a rural town in the United States, but they weren't very large, so I couldn't use them. One day, I came up with the idea of a mat that would be a small cushion between the ceramic cups. There are fine stitches along the shape, but they are not visible because they are turned inside out.
I like the small items that I create in a relaxed atmosphere between neat works.
Sewing gives me a lot of peace of mind.
Thank you.

One day, I got some beautiful white vintage beads.

The beads were used in a dress, but the dress was dismantled by a collector and the beads were sent across the sea to Japan.
I made a bangle using this bead.
Sewing the small beads one by one was a job that required a lot of patience,
but I remember working wholeheartedly because I had a stronger desire to see the beauty in my hands.
When I think about what a woman in a dress was like in the past, her radiant figure transcends time and touches my heart.
Thank you.