Hand Craft Therapy

Trough embroidery and craft every day for me is not only learning and discovering new things but also having happy and fun time.

I try various things every day and choose the most comfortable one at that time and make it the next task.

I believe that if I continue to do this for decades, the closet in my heart will have many drawers and my heart will be enriched.

These embroidery works are work in my practice. 

Thank you.

When your heart is filled with sadness, when you are troubled, take a needle and thread with you. Even if it is poorly done, when you embroider a flower with a color and express a landscape in your mind with stitches, you will surely feel lighter if you concentrate on something. Let's enjoy handcraft together.

I had bought some old cotton printed fabrics at an antique shop in a rural town in the United States, but they weren't very large, so I couldn't use them. One day, I came up with the idea of a mat that would be a small cushion between the ceramic cups. There are fine stitches along the shape, but they are not visible because they are turned inside out.
I like the small items that I create in a relaxed atmosphere between neat works.
Sewing gives me a lot of peace of mind.
Thank you.

One day, I got some beautiful white vintage beads.

The beads were used in a dress, but the dress was dismantled by a collector and the beads were sent across the sea to Japan.
I made a bangle using this bead.
Sewing the small beads one by one was a job that required a lot of patience,
but I remember working wholeheartedly because I had a stronger desire to see the beauty in my hands.
When I think about what a woman in a dress was like in the past, her radiant figure transcends time and touches my heart.
Thank you.