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Machiko 千 Sentou


We have incorporated a modern sensibility into the Japanese tradition of Kimono footwear "Geta and Zori" to mach the current lifestyle and styling, and expressed it with Corsages and bijou decorations and luxury mixes. We present not only kimono but also Western-style coordination for you.

The "deco clogs and Zori" with sparkling decorations on the thong that makes the wearer beautiful and happy is the icon, All of them are original works that are "only one" in the world we make.



Brand Concept

日本の伝統、和装履物「下駄や草履」 今のライフスタイル・スタイリングに合うよう現代的な感覚を盛り込み、 コサージュやビジュー使いのデコレーションやラグジュアリーMIX で表現。 和装だけでなく、洋装でのコーディネイトも提案します。

履く人を美しくハッピーにさせるキラキラの装飾を鼻緒に施した 「デコ下駄・草履」がアイコン。全て1点ものです。 


Information about Machiko 千 Sentou

Product name : Footwear and accessories centered on Deco Geta and Deco Zori.


Product features, selling points :

We incorporate a modern sensibility into the traditional Japanese footwear "Geta and Zori" to mach the current lifestyle and styling, and express with corsages and bijou decorations and luxury mixes.

We propose unique and cute coordinates that can be matched with both Japanese and Western clothes, starting with gorgeous feet.

The brand icon is "Deco Geta/Deco Zori", which is hand-made by ourselves as Shoe designers to make the wearer happy and beautiful.

All on-of -a-kind items are sold under the motto of "Once-in-a-lifetime chance" 一期一会.

Made in Japan.

We also accept orders. You can choose and combine your favorite base including size and thongs, and you can also custom-made orders with your favorite decorations.

It is also possible to order just the thong.

You can choose the thong from the fabric sample,  the color of "top point of thong of clogs" 坪 and the color of the back"Honten". 本天.

We have a wide variety of parts for decoration, and we will give you advice.


A brand started by two women who are also shoe designers because we love kimono.

The first driving force is "We don't have anything we want to wear with Geta or Zori.

A collection centered on clogs and zori designed from the perspective of shoe designers.


Thank you.



Designer: Machiko Yoshizoe / 吉添 真千子

                  Sumie Sentou / 千藤 寿美恵

Contact us : machikosentou@gmail.com

On line shop : http://www.creema.jp/creator/3512646


Price range : Geta 15,000~22,000 Jp ¥ + tax 

                       Zori 19,000~37,000 Jp ¥ + tax



ブランド名 : MachikoSentou(マチコセントウ)


商品名 : デコ下駄&デコ草履を中心とした履物・小物









Made in Japanです。











デザイナー : 吉添 真千子(ヨシゾエマチコ)

        千藤 寿美恵(セントウスミエ)


問い合わせ先 : machikosentou@gmail.com

オンラインショップ : http://www.creema.jp/creator/3512646

価格帯 : 下駄 約15,000~22,000円+消費税

      草履 約19,000~37,000円+消費税